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Attack of the Colours!!!

Hi All, 

Its been a while since my last post. 

I come sharing some cool updates on our production timeline and also to share some cool photos!

I am happy to report that our factory has finished all the production of our watch cases and are now pending only the outstanding Black Rubber and Black Kevlar Fabric strap to be completed. 

Our factory has informed us that they should complete (fingers crossed) the remaining 2 straps order batches by 10th November. 

With this in mind we hope to receive the entire shipment by Mid of November in Singapore at our warehouse and hence we can target to start shipping out the orders to all of you by the final week of November! 

2nd Update is that we have received a small batch of production pieces with 4 different colour rubber straps so I wanted to give everyone a teaser of what to expect ! 

Talos Rosegold on White Rubber


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